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LEGACY – National Women’s Conference is an intense learning zone that will supercharge you, equip you with tools you can implement in to your own life straight away as well as enhance skills that you already have. Our carefully chosen presenters and CPD Masterclass hosts are women who know what it takes to succeed and know how to implement success strategies in to their own businesses or careers. Here is a snap shot of some of the content that you will be exposed to throughout the two days that will change all others you have!

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Legacy National Women’s Conference 24/25 October 2015

  • ‘Presenting with Power’
    • Often we are called upon to present information in diverse situations, such as to a board of directors, a client, a boss, at a networking event or to our peers. Imparting our message in the way we wish it to be received is a skill, one that can be learned.
    • This session explores how you can overcome presenting fears to deliver a presentation that will be remembered…for ALL the RIGHT reasons.
  • ‘Energised Engagement’
    • Communication is at the heart of commercial success. Get the message and the way it is delivered wrong, and you could end up in deep water.
    • Engaging with your audience is KEY to building up long lasting relationships where TRUST follows. This session will inspire you to address the way you currently communicate and will equip you with tips and strategies helping you to become a natural and engaging professional.
  • ‘Embracing Digital – Preparing to Meet 21st Century Challenges’
    • We are now in ‘the information age’ revolution. Love it or hate it, there is no escaping the impact that digital technologies have in the business world.
    • This session is for novices and tech savvy alike and will bring to the forefront of your mind how you can use these advancements to your advantage.
  • ‘Combating Conflict’
    • Difficult situations arise and it’s HOW you deal with them that has the real impact.
    • ‘Combat’ is by no means suggesting a fight, it’s about strategising your response to difficult situations and maneuvering towards a positive outcome.
  • ‘The Customer Journey’
    • We all work with customers, some are colleagues in other departments within an organisation and others are people who we hope will part with their hard earned cash and invest in our products or services.
    • This session will CHANGE your understanding of what people go through when making decisions whether to work with you or not as well as help you build strong relationships with people who will become your advocates.

The conference will accredit you for five hours CPD, (Certificates will be issued following the event) which is why if you are serious about your own development, then this is two days you can’t afford to miss. BOOK NOW – and be part of something SPECIAL! 

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