Hilary Steel – KWIB Editor

Proud to be supporting LEGACY 2015 – Hilary Steel, Editor

Having been so focused on Women in Business since launching the magazine at the first Kent Women in Business Awards back in 2013 the KWIBCOVERfinal small size team have met some outstanding business women with amazing stories to tell. When women set up for themselves in business or want to make an impact in the corporate world they are faced with challenges otherwise unbeknown to our male counterparts.

For those who don’t know, the magazine has been set up by two business women with no formal experience in the publishing sector. Myself and my business partner Sue Smith (@picturesue on Twitter) saw a gap in the market that needed to be filled. Perhaps it is the fact that we didn’t have any publishing experience meant we approached the challenge with fresh eyes and weren’t led by the ‘way things are always done.’

I am fortunate enough to speak at some high profile business events across the UK and each event has an impact on me personally. One thing I have noticed is that we women sometimes need a little encouragement in order to excel in what we chKWIB Awards 2014oose which is why I have found that women only learning and developing environments are extremely productive. We are much more likely to ask and accept help rather than muddle through on our own through a sense of misguided pride perhaps. Over the past 24 months I have spoken to many exceptional business and career women who have each, in one way or another taught me something new, inspired me or fired me up to get my head down and push harder to achieve what it is I personally want to achieve.

There are many ordinary women out there who are doing extra-ordinary things and I love to celebrate this. Also there are many women out there who have the POTENTIAL to do extra-ordinary things yet all they need is a little push in the right direction. LEGACY will do that. LEGACY will bring out the superheroes in all of you and LEGACY will be the start of something HUGE for you, no matter where you are from in the UK. It’s not just about KENT, it’s about professional women being in the right environment to explore their own success potential, irrespective of whether you work for yourself or someone else. It’s all about YOU.

I am extremely excited to host this event and introduce you to some amazing females who are currently at the top of their game who will not only inspire you but will also share with you how they do what they do – which is ultimately, to create a success of the world they have created for themselves. I look forward to meeting you on this powerful weekend in October 2015.


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