Jane OllisJane has been a CEO, has helped ambitious people grow their businesses and has first-hand experience of what it takes to establish and run successful start-ups. She speaks with great humour about her “war stories” – the tough times in her business life from which she has learnt resilience and the importance of optimism, belief and collaboration.

Jane is an environmental scientist and biochemist by training, with a particular interest in how science and technology can shape tomorrow’s world. An alumna of Sydney’s social leadership programme, she has worked as an intern for NASA and is both a business fellow of Oxford University and an Ambassador for Kent.

RIFT Accounting’s very own Chief Adventurer and authentic, NASA-trained super-scientist, Jane is on a mission to make business personal. Whether launching the ambitions of start-up enterprises or dropping high-yield knowledge-bombs across the business landscape, she protects her clients from danger and guides them toward success. Failure is not an option.

Jane joins us as a speaker at LEGACY where she will be discussing “Going it alone doesn’t mean you’re on your own” Oh how true is that in this inspiring world we live in!