Peer to Peer Development

Personal and professional development is KEY to anyone who wants to be a success in their field. The most successful people are constantly investing in themselves and improving skills or learning new ones. Everyone learns at a different pace and has a different attitude to learning, however, one thing that should not be ignored is the power of peer to peer learning. Being in a room with other people who have the same levels of motivation is extremely productive. You are given the chance to share ideas, develop them together and see a situation from another perspective.

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Women Creating Success

The two days you will spend at LEGACY – National Women’s Conference will be like no other weekend you have ever experienced. We understand what it takes to ignite passion in people with focused results being on optimising your professional performance. Just like a computer needs to be ‘de-fragged’ or upgraded, so do we. Times are changing at an immense pace and in order to not fall behind, you NEED to keep on top of your own development.

Over the weekend of 24th and 25th October 2015 you will experience;

  • Invigorating workshops presented by women currently at the top of their game. Their expertise and knowledge of what it takes to succeed is yours for the taking
  • Keynote speakers who will inspire you to be the best that you can be. Their journeys of excellence are not all work related, but what they share with you can also be duplicated within a professional environment
  • Presenters who will guide you through, step by step, what it takes to achieve greatness, both personally and professionally
  • Presentations from other attendees, (email if you wish to be considered for one of these slots) who will share with you their own stories that are likely to trigger light-bulb moments in your own mind

When the conference closes on the Sunday evening, you won’t leave and never try anything you have picked up. Your conference pack will serve as a reference point for a long time to come. You will then have the option to join a private Facebook and LinkedIn group where the discussions will continue long after the lights go out on the event. The programme is being designed to encourage engagement with other attendees as we feel peer to peer development is a fundamental resource when it comes to creating a success culture. This event is for women who want to achieve, women who want to gain in confidence without being forced out of their comfort zones, in fact, you will want to leap out. The connections you make during this weekend will likely be ones you keep for a life time.

If you are planning to attend on your own, don’t worry, you won’t stay that way for long! People who are able to make quick thinking decisions, stand out from their competition so if you feel ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery mixed with entertainment and of course FUN – what are you waiting for? BOOK NOW

If you have any questions, please email – we look forward to spending a memorable weekend with some of the UK’s most forward thinking WOMEN!

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