Stand up and be counted

In a world that is ever changing the only way you can achieve more is by gaining in confidence in the skills you have as well as acquiring new ones. Women are an asset to any size organisation so why does it feel like it’s always an uphill struggle?

-Your professional journey takes you to (6)If you are determined to succeed you are only limited by the limits you impose on yourself. Achieving results is addictive and once you start to see them happen, your levels of motivation increase and in turn, so will your productivity. Some people are happy to sit on the sidelines all their life and watch as others overtake them leaving them far behind. If you are happy on the sidelines, then that’s where you will always be, however, if you are one of the small percentage of people who are prepared to make changes in your life then all that’s left to do is to take action.

Stand up and be counted, become the person you want to be achieving the results you deserve. All successful business people and entrepreneurs understand the power of self development. They are not afraid to take risks or to learn new skills, in fact, they are constantly looking at ways to improve.

LEGACY – National Women’s Conference – BOOK NOW!

A weekend like the LEGACY Conference will not only inspire you to take action, it will provide you with some of the tools you need in order to make it happen. The value of what you will be exposed to over the two days far out weighs the cost. It’s only a £249(+VAT) investment which includes access to both days, refreshments and a two course hot buffet lunch on both days. You will have the chance to work with other women who are currently at the top of their game while building relationships that will increase the value of your professional network.

Whether you are running your own business, or are on a career journey that you want to accelerate, LEGACY has got it covered. With inspiring keynote speakers to insight sessions that address common issues that face women in business you will leave the weekend with a vision of what you need to do to make what you want to HAPPEN. There is no room for excuses in a world where success can be created, there is no room for procrastination either. You need an open mind and an inner desire to change the world you are living in.

We invite you to take a step out of your comfort zone and become comfortable pushing boundaries that are currently standing in your way.

LEGACY – National Women’s Conference – BOOK NOW!

NB – this isn’t an event for those who sit around waiting for things to happen, it’s for women who really want to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. Be part of something special!

Be part of something special - 24th and 25th October 2015BOOK NOW