A conference inspired by clients

Learnng from customers

I love my clients they inspire me, and I learn so much from them. The beauty of running your own business is that you get to handpick who you work with, so my clients are literally some of my favourite people on the planet!

Over the past year I’ve worked with an eclectic mix of business owners from app developers and senior corporate leaders building a business on the side, to fashion brands, architects, coaches, fitness professionals and a non-profit building an architectural landmark. But all of them have 3 things in common:

  1. Their business is driven by an underlying purpose that moves them at the core of their being
  2. The process of building a business has taken them on a deep and often unsuspected journey of personal development and self-discovery
  3. They are focused on longevity and know that an effective marketing strategy is one of the major keys to their success, but they want to do marketing in a way that fits their DNA

So, these core things that my clients have taught me over the past few years have led me to design a conference that I’ve never seen before. The blueprint for this conference is different to any event you’ve been to in the past. It’s based on both the unique insights from the businesses that I’ve worked with and the philosophy that my business is built on.

Here’s the business philosophy that The Momentum Academy is built on

(First established in my book)

  1. Starting a business is great but what you really need is ‘Momentum’
  2. Momentum consists of two things; Marketing – because you can have the greatest idea in the world but if you don’t know how to promote it, it won’t go anywhere fast. Motivation – because if you don’t know how to drive your business forward day in and day out, in the good times and bad it won’t stand either (ultimately motivation is about mindset)
  3. It’s a travesty to build a profitable business and still miss your purpose. Ultimately, I believe business should be about building a legacy.

You will leave the conference with 4 key outcomes

  1. An actual strategy for building and growing your legacy focused business
  2. The knowledge you need not only to sustain your business but to sustain and strengthen yourself and grow as a ‘business builder’.
  3. The support you need to implement when the conference is over
  4. A network of new connections that share your mindset

Believe me, you do not want to miss this event book your ticket now before the super early bird tickets go up on 7th February and prices increase by up to £200.

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