Revive Project Recovery System

It's time to launch that project!

It might not feel like it now but there is a silver lining to be found in this cloud that we find ourselves in. There is great opportunity on the otherside, businesses have succeeded and even thrived in times of crisis, but that doesn’t happen by accident. We have to prepare and plan for success and that is what Revive: The Project Recovery System is all about.

It's not a question of if you're launching anything this year but more a question of what and when 

Most projects that were in the pipeline will need to be rethought, canceled or postponed, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s possible for you to launch a project that is even better for your organisation and those you serve than any prior project. We are being forced to think in new and creative ways and great things will come of that. If you want your project launch to stand the best chance of success post-corona then Revive: The Project Recovery System is for you.


Revive is an online program that teaches you the A-Z of how to launch a project successfully in turbulent times and beyond


Using the 6P Launch Framework™ Revive, the Project Recovery System will provide you with...


Clarity is key but can be elusive, when we are bombarded with so much information 24/7. Revive will be a space to focus 100% on your project and define the steps you need to take to make it happen.


It's one thing knowing where you want to go and what project you want to launch, it's quite another knowing how to get there. You'll develop a launch strategy to enable you to execute your project.

Business Continuity

Revive is not just about equipping you to launch your next project succesfully, it's about ensuring that your project is sustainable and supports the long-term growth and profitability of your organisation.

Risk Minimisation

The Curriculum for Revive has been developed based on 14 years experience of launching projects. It has been designed to ensure that you avoid the 6 fundamental launch mistakes that cause 70% of projects to fail.

A Launch Blueprint

Once completed, you'll have a bespoke launch blueprint specifically designed for your project and your business, based on the proven 6P Launch Strategy Framework™

"So glad I had the opportunity to do this! It was a great investment in myself and every project connected to me. Thank you so much Katrina Douglas!"

Introducing the 6P Launch Framework™

Based on 14 years of experience launching projects of all kinds I’ve developed a proven framework for launch success, you’ll learn this framework and use it to identify the right project for you and develop your own launch blueprint that increases your chances of success even in the current climate.







"I’d like to say a MASSIVE Thank You to Katrina Douglas for her Fabulous REVIVE Launch Strategy Event. She delivered with class and clear knowledge about her subject matter. I know that I came away with a plan for a project that I am working on. I’d definitely recommend her. She definitely leads by example"

Who is The Revive Project Recovery System For?

Revive is for you if any of these  statements apply:

  • You want a clear and simple process to help you launch your next project
  • You have a project in mind but need guidance on how to drive it forward in this climate
  • You want to minimise risk and make sure that the project you launch has a high chance of success

The Curriculum

Move from unfocused and overwhelmed by your project to clear and committed to it. Increase your capacity to make your project a reality.

  • Lesson 1: A new way of thinking for a new season
  • Lesson 2: Making your project a priority practically
  • Lesson 3: Mindset hacks

Learn how to avoid the key mistakes that cause 70% projects to fail and increase your chances of being in the 30% that succeed.

  • Lesson 4: Organisational alignment 
  • Lesson 5: Real neads
  • Lesson 6: Team dynamics
  • Lesson 7: Go-to-market strategy
  • Lesson 8: Siloed launches
  • Lesson 9: Lack of process and planning

From not knowing how to launch, to a simple launch framework that will guide your through your project and take the stress out of the launch process.

  • Lesson 9: What is a launch?
  • Lesson 10: Introduction to the 6Ps
  • Lesson 11: Purpose
  • Lesson 12: Product
  • Lesson 13: People
  • Lesson 14: Promotion
  • Lesson 15: Process
  • Lesson 16: Profit

Protect and prepare your project for unexpected threats that could derail it. Launch a project that is robust and can weather storms from the external environment and stand the test of time.

  • Lesson 17: Define your ideal client
  • Lesson 18: Estimate market size
  • Lesson 19: Identify competitors
  • Lesson 20: Assessing the external environment

Learn the keys to developing new and unique business capabilities, develop an edge that will separate your business from the competition and position it to succeed now and way into the future.

Lesson 21: Collective brain power
Lesson 22: Creative thinking 
Lesson 23: Collaboration 
Lesson 24: Adding the spark to your project launch

Reduce risk by understanding the financial considerations that impact the success of your launch. Get equipped to make better financial decisions in relation to your launch.

Lesson 25: First financial considerations when launching a project whilst still in a job
Lesson 26: How to decide what company formation type is best for you
Lesson 27: Business banking options
Lesson 28: Budgeting 
Lesson 29: Seperating business and personal finances
Lesson 30: Bonus: Next level financial considerations

Get crystal clear on what the 6Ps look like for your project. Move from a general understanding of the 6Ps to specifically applying them to your project.

Lesson 31: Add your creativity to the 6Ps 
Lesson 32: Purpose: Your vision statement
Lesson 33: Product: Your product mix
Lesson 34: Product: Your pricing strategy 
Lesson 35: People: Your dream team 
Lesson 36: Promotion: Your 5 themes 
Lesson 37: Promotion: Your 3-point launch marketing plan 
Lesson 38: Promotion: Your 3-point evergreen marketing plan 
Lesson 39: Process: Your service delivery process 
Lesson 40: Profit: Your Profit plan

Move from plan to execution. Map out how you’re going to execute your launch plan over the next 6 months.

Lesson 41: Month 1 – Messaging: communicating your project
Lesson 42: Month 2 – Creating your product or service
Lesson 43: Month 3 – Assembling your launch team
Lesson 44: Month 4 –  Starting your marketing
Lesson 45: Month 5 – Implementing your service delivery process
Lesson 46: Month 6 – The Launch
Lesson 47: Next steps – What now?  

I attended Katrina's Revive Conference, and it was very beneficial. I learned so much and came away with a lot of insight. I also came away with the need for reflection, which is always a good thing. I came away knowing what I needed to discover, fix, pivot and prioritise. Katrina is very knowledgeable about launching projects and can guide you on your journey.
Katrina Douglas

Katrina has trained 100’s of people over the past decade and she’s now bringing her expertise and  vibrant style of training to a virtual format, to truly revive the businesses of those who enrol in this program.

Revive online program

297 £
  • •Access to Revive online program and learning portal
  • • Content covering the A-Z of launching a project successfully
  • • Workbook
  • • Email support within designated hours
  • Payment plan option available

Revive 6 month Mastermind

597 £
  • •Access to Revive online program and learning portal
  • • Content covering the A-Z of launching a project successfully
  • • Workbook
  • • Email support within designated hours
  • • Monthly group training and coaching session
  • • Slack group for ongoing support
  • Bonuses
  • Payment plan option available
"OMG Katrina just blew my mind with her simple techniques and now I have a 6-month plan for my book launch. Sometimes you just need that special expert who knows how to help you put it all together and 'wala' you've got a manual for your purpose"
Unique Sibanda
Unique Sibanda
Fashion Designer | Author
Katrina Douglas

I’m Katrina Douglas, creator of Revive: The Project Recovery System, Founder of The Legacy Conference, Launch Strategist and author of the book ‘Momentum: 90 Days of Marketing and Motivation to Kick-Start Your Business’. I worked my way up the corporate ladder for a decade to Head of UK Marketing for a global brand and then launched my own business. I’ve been launching projects for 14 years; everything from TV campaigns, cloud-based platforms and apps, to physical products, and a sold-out event in the Royal Albert Hall.

I’m passionate about helping business leaders launch projects that are purposeful and profitable, that lead to greater personal satisfaction and sustainable wealth.

I’ve developed a 6-step launch framework and consultancy program that includes pre-launch, during launch and post-launch support which forms the basis of everything I do. My mission is to equip an army of Legacy builders, people that are driven by longevity and making a meaningful difference in society whilst generating long-term financial wealth.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, when you click through to purchase your ticket there is a 2-part payment option.

There is a 7 day cooling off period. If you change your mind about the program you can request a full refund within 7 days of purchase. If you purchase diring the pre-order period you will have until June 7th 2020).


This program will be launched on June 1st 2020

This program is pre-recorded. On June 1st you will be able to access all the modules via your learning portal which you will receive details for on 27th May prior to the onboarding webinar which will take place on 28th May.

This course will be delivered via pre-recorded video content. All modules will be in your learning portal on 1st June. There is also an accompanying workbook to complete as you go through the program which will become your launch plan.

You will receive access to your learning portal on 27th May if you sign-up during the pre-order period. If you sign-up after 1st June you will be sent your login details as soon as your booking and payment have been processed. 

There will be a live onboarding webinar on 28th May for all those that book during the pre-order period. This webinar will then be available in your learning portal.

Email support is also available.

Each video lesson is 3 mins long on average, so that it’s easy to focus on and consume.